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            Can you tell me in short how SoftCath will really benefit me ?

SoftCath will automate your routine tasks, record your clinical activities without any extra efforts, provide you with hassle-free and quick clinical data management & patient reporting in cath lab and make your day much more organized. As a byproduct your patients will get a better sense of professionalism and confidence in your practice. With time you will develop excellent database of patient which will be useful for your clinical data analysis and professional marketing.

            SoftCath claims to generate reports very easily, is that really true ?

Yes it’s true. There are very simple to use reports format inbuilt, which can be used to generate cath-reports quickly.

            How can I see a demo of SoftCath ?

We have a flash presentation of SoftCath. It shows all the modules demonstration of the SoftCath software. You can view this flash demo to get insight of the software. Click here to download flash demo of SoftCath software.

We also provide live web demo through remote desktop presentation. You can fill the
request for live web demo. Our executive will call you at your preferred time to show you live web demo. Our executive will also guide you on how to connect your computer with our computer for presentation and demo.

You will need broad band internet connection on your computer for the live web demo.

            Will SoftCath run on my computer or I have to buy a new one ?

SoftCath is designed to run on Pentium IV (4) or above computers and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ Windows 7 operating systems. We recommend a minimum of 1 GB RAM and at least 200 MB free Hard Disk space. You don't need an internet connection to use SoftCath, but it is recommended if you want to install through the internet. Internet is also required for future updates and instant customer support from the company.

            Will I have to purchase any other software like Microsoft Office to run SoftCath ?

No, you do not need to buy any other software to run SoftCath. All you need is a Windows operating system (Windows 2000 / XP / Vista/Windows7).

            If I have a problem using SoftCath after I purchase, how will you help me ?

SoftCath users are backed with a dedicated and intelligent support team. Rest assured, when you need help, we will be there to serve. We offer a number of support solutions including online support, phone/email support, remote assistance and more. Details of support can be found at our support page.

            I have seen many cath-report generation software. Why does SoftCath cost is so low and why do you             charge annual maintenance and upgrade ?

SoftCath is by far the best quality software of its kind available in the market at the lowest price. It has taken us more than 5 years of R&D to provide you with high-standard software. The value SoftCath will generate for you is far greater than the price it demands. Still we are providing you software for lowest price in world, and reason for this is that we have very low operational cost compared to other companies. We also do not spend on advertising, thus save cost and provide software at reasonable price to our customers.

We are here to stay and provide you with upgrades to enhance your SoftCath experience. We are also committed to maintain a dedicated and intelligent support team to help you when you call or email us.

We must generate sufficient revenues to be able to provide you the best possible software coupled with dedicated support. This reflects in our pricing.

            My facility has a two cath-labs. Can they use SoftCath at one place or need two license?

SoftCath can be installed in network environment on multiple computers. You can purchase network license along with additional user license for it.

            How much time will it take me to learn SoftCath ?

The usability of SoftCath is one of its core strengths. It is intuitive and very simple to use. We will help you get trained on SoftCath at your convenient times. Our support team will walk you through from being a beginner to an expert on SoftCath within hours.

            I need some extra features; can you add those and give me customized software ?

We understand that all physicians have different ways of functioning. This is why SoftCath has been designed in a way where most aspects can be customized on your own based on your workflow's. However, we listen carefully to suggestions and comments. We want to constantly deliver the best software to our customers. We have a dedicated team of software developers and medical informatics professionals and aim to evolve SoftCath based on requirements and feedback from our customers. Many of our new features start as ideas from present customers. Some are just little tweaks to improve efficiency, while others are completely new concepts that add to the overall design of the software.

            Are the details of our patients and other data secured ?

SoftCath has been designed on a secure platform. We have spent a lot of time in developing a robust security framework to keep your patient's data secure. It has inbuilt data backup modules through which you can take regular backup of your data on external disks and keep it secured.

            How to prevent data loss ?

Take backup of SoftCath database from backup module regularly. Transfer it on CD/Pen drive/External Hard Disk. It will keep your data safe.

            I do have a lot of data that was entered in some other application(s), and I would like to have this   data in  SoftCath,
                Do I have to re-enter it?

We can integrate the data entered in some other application and get it imported to SoftCath. However it is subject to feasibility and it is charged extra on case to case basis.

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